IKAD for International Student

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Official Portal, UMK International (UMK-IO)

IKAD for International Student

What is an iKad?

The iKad will be used as an identification card for foreign students and can be used as a means of identification in Peninsular Malaysia.

However, please note that the iKad is not a replacement travel document.

Each iKad will contain the following information:

1. Student Photograph 
2. Passport Number
3. Nationality of the student
4. Institution Name where the student is studying
6. Duration of the Student Pass

How do I apply for an iKad?

The application of the iKad will be done together with the new VAL applications and Renewal applications through STARS. Payment for the iKad will also be processed through the same channel. Therefore, with effect from1st October 2014, a fee of RM50 will be included in the application fee for each application on STARS.

What happens if I lose or damage my iKad?

In the event that the iKad is lost or damaged, the following fees will be charged:

    1. For Lost/Damaged iKad (1st request) – RM150
    2. For Lost/Damaged iKad 2nd request for the same student – RM300
    3. For Lost/Damaged iKad 3rd request for the same student – MYR 500
    4. Every subsequent loss/damage of iKad (after damaging/losing it 3 times) for the same student – MYR500 each request

Important Notes:

  • There will be no retrospective charges for iKad issued prior to 1st October 2014.
  • The iKad is issued to assist in the identification of a student with valid student pass and is to be presented upon request.
  • The iKad is non-transferable and does not authorize another person to use it.
  • The student is responsible for paying any replacement fee when an iKad is lost or damaged.
  • The student should notify his/her educational institution immediately if the iKad is lost.


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